Monday, November 18, 2013

Problem Solving

The question was There were 389 people at the theatre then another 118 arrived. How many were there altogether?

I work it out by adding the hundreds first then the ten then the ones then I added the total of each question
So this is how its done



Tuesday, October 22, 2013

My book

I chose this book because I have read a book of the same author and the book was really interesting.

Monday, October 21, 2013

Australian Forest Fires

Recently one of the deadliest fires have struck Australia. For two weeks now, the fire has still being going, but thats not the end of it, firefighters predict that the conditions of the fire will be getting worse. The cause of things getting worse is because High temperatures and increased winds have strongly hit Sydney this week.

A area called Blue Mountains in the west of Sydney have been one of the fires target. Over 200 homes have been awfully damaged, but it doesn't end there, 109 home was destroyed too but these homes were destroyed by friday!

- Bush fires are common in Australia but not at this time of the year.
- Fire teams are continuing to fight dozens of battles in Sydney.
- One man has died while trying to save his house from the fire.

Monday, September 23, 2013

DLO creative stand

My group our planning was really good and we really think a lot it was good the thing that made it interesting was the animations and our voiceover it was really clear. The message that we had done was good and clear we told how 9 of 11 2001 how childrens have lost their parents. Our soundtrack was good it was really clear and it sound great with the tune.

Creative Stand Movie by M.R.H.M

Roezala, Mary and Hope and Moala from Team 5 PES on Vimeo.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

William Tell

William Tell and his son walked down to a market place and saw that it was crowded with foreign soldiers. Lots of people of Switzerland hated the soldiers but one person they hated the most was the mean foreign there who always bullied them. When they saw the foreign soldiers it was too late to turn back without being noticed. William Tell thought that they will not be noticed.

William pretended that he didn’t know that the soldiers were standing there. So he just walked past and then one foreign soldier said “you there stop” so a group of soldiers captured William Tell and his son. The foreign soldier said they have to bow to their leader before they could let him go but William Tell replied “I don't see your leader is your leader are hat. The foreign soldier said “But everyone who goes through must bow to our leader’s hat to show respect then someone in the crowd laughed loudly and made the foreign soldiers angry.

Lots of the foreign soldiers grabbed William Tell and then one grabbed William Tell’s son to, that little brave William Tell said he will not bow to the leaders hat. So the foreign governor said give me that apple I heard that you can shot a apple from eight paces so let me see you do it. I were only give you one chance to do it.

Friday, August 9, 2013

Moala Reflection- Creative Strand - Polynesian Woodprints

Yellow Hat - The things I enjoyed?
The things that I enjoy was working with my friends. Learning new stuff and learning how to crawl wood. The most most most thing that I enjoyed was designing.
Black Hat - Which things didn’t I like?
The thing that I less like about this week was Craving the wood
Green Hat - What was something interesting about this week?
My interesting thing about this week was getting to look for my culture designs and working with my friends
White Hat - What did I learn?

Craving the wood and Drawing my culture designs

Monday, July 8, 2013

Fairy Tale

One EXTREMELY  cold day a girl called Ala walla  was walking to her school called Pt england. She walked past the toilets and heard a blowing sound she said ”Oh no there’s going to be a tornado so I better tell my principal. She was walking past her friend called Silly and Silly asked "Where are you going?" I’m going to tell the principal that there is going to be are tornado so silly said can I come along.

Yes you may So Ala Walla and Silly Tilly will walking towards the principal office and they met with there another friend called Pumba she asked where are you guys rushing to we are hurrying to the principal’s office because there is going to be a tornado. Pumbaa said I’m Coming to so Ku,Silly Tilly and Pumbaa will walking towards the principal in his office. When they got there and they told the principal call Mr Burt he said you guys are lying come with me I will see if it is true they walked past the toilet and Ala Walla said there thats the sound and Mr Burt said “No thats the toilet Blowing that drys the hand so Ala Walla said.

A message about Success

As I was struggling up the huge motion mountain the sun was beating down on me. My hands were sweating, slowly slipping down like I was going fall. My sweat was dripping down like rain,I pulled myself up and grasped tightly onto the rock. Pulling myself up finally I made it to the top “Yeah” I shouted out loud.
I walk up towards a school. It was really cloudy and windy. I was rubbing my arms I was walking to the school. “I am freezing” I said.

William Feather 
William Feather is quote is "success is largely a matter of hanging on when other let go.His message I think is how trying really hard to succeed when other give up and that how you can reach your own goal".  

Friday, June 21, 2013

My Creative Reflection

Interesting thing that I enjoy about this literacy task.
My interesting thing that I enjoy about this week was that I can work with my friend and learn new stuffs with the teacher. My another thing that I enjoy was that I was teaching other children in my movie to dance.

Interesting things I noticed about this week

The interesting thing that I noticed about this week was that I can work hard with my friend and getting things finish. My other thing that I noticed was that I had a fabulous time and learning how to make my own movie.

Stuff I didn't about enjoy

The stuff that I didn’t enjoy was not getting stuff organised properly. The thing that I most didn’t enjoy was that the children that I got for our movie they keep going around.

Stuff I did enjoy learning The stuff that I enjoy learning was doing a storyboard with my friend. My other thing was making movie about Michael Jackson.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

My Family

I have six brothers and three sisters. The boys names are Tevita, Kimo, Sam, Joe, Dee, Vincent and the girls are Fehi, Ana and Longo. My mum and dads names are Petelo and Akesa.

I have 4 nieces and 5 nephews. Their names are Akesa, Sepa, Lily, Nessa, Renzo, Kimo, Sam,Tafu and a baby boy getting born soon. I can’t wait.

I love all my nieces and nephews but there is only one who I love so much and that is my niece Lily. She is the best and she is special to me because whenever I am sick she always have to say “do you need something?” and always check on me every 10 mins and ask “do you need anything else?”

Monday, March 18, 2013

My writing Derelict House

Rita was walking home after she had netball trials it was a really hot sunny day. When she was walking she saw this horrible house she felt like stopping for a rest so she did. Then when she was walking towards the footpath got up to the grass she saw shattered glass on the deck and some on the grass and steps. She felt scared to open the door because there were spider webs on the door when she open it was so quiet and inside she saw wallpaper coming off the wall and holes on wall and on the floors.

So she watched when she was walking because she may fall into the holes or get her feet stuck. She was walking and she heard the door going to shut so she ran to stop it but it was too late and it got stuck. Rita searched thrown the whole house she went and saw the kitchen it had faded paint and windows are cracked and walls had a big holes on it. When she went throw the laundry room she saw rats going pass and she saw a big group of fly’s and a line of ants going pass so she ran screaming outside to the backyard she saw the bin tip over and birds were in there.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Self portrait

Tall,cheeky,mean, funny           
Sibling of 6 brothers and 3 sisters     
Lover of teddy bears      
Who fears my fear       
Who needs an ipad and iphone
Who gives help when needed at the office  
Who would like to see a1D concert
Resident of G.I.