Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Possum Magic

Once upon time there were two possums and their names were Hush and her Grandma was Poss. Hush asked her grandma if she could make her invisible. Then her grandma made her invisible so she could be safe. What adventures Hush had. She could be squashed by Koalas.She couldn't be seen if she slid down the Kangaroo’s tail. She could hang from trees and could not be seen by the snakes.
Hush wanted Grandma Posh to make her visible but it did not work.Then she had to eat some food to make her visible again. Hush ate a vegemite sandwich in Darwin and her tail appeared. Then she went to Perth and ate pavlova and her legs were seen. Next she went to Hobart and had a lamington and it worked. She was visible again.

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