Monday, March 18, 2013

My writing Derelict House

Rita was walking home after she had netball trials it was a really hot sunny day. When she was walking she saw this horrible house she felt like stopping for a rest so she did. Then when she was walking towards the footpath got up to the grass she saw shattered glass on the deck and some on the grass and steps. She felt scared to open the door because there were spider webs on the door when she open it was so quiet and inside she saw wallpaper coming off the wall and holes on wall and on the floors.

So she watched when she was walking because she may fall into the holes or get her feet stuck. She was walking and she heard the door going to shut so she ran to stop it but it was too late and it got stuck. Rita searched thrown the whole house she went and saw the kitchen it had faded paint and windows are cracked and walls had a big holes on it. When she went throw the laundry room she saw rats going pass and she saw a big group of fly’s and a line of ants going pass so she ran screaming outside to the backyard she saw the bin tip over and birds were in there.