Monday, July 8, 2013

Fairy Tale

One EXTREMELY  cold day a girl called Ala walla  was walking to her school called Pt england. She walked past the toilets and heard a blowing sound she said ”Oh no there’s going to be a tornado so I better tell my principal. She was walking past her friend called Silly and Silly asked "Where are you going?" I’m going to tell the principal that there is going to be are tornado so silly said can I come along.

Yes you may So Ala Walla and Silly Tilly will walking towards the principal office and they met with there another friend called Pumba she asked where are you guys rushing to we are hurrying to the principal’s office because there is going to be a tornado. Pumbaa said I’m Coming to so Ku,Silly Tilly and Pumbaa will walking towards the principal in his office. When they got there and they told the principal call Mr Burt he said you guys are lying come with me I will see if it is true they walked past the toilet and Ala Walla said there thats the sound and Mr Burt said “No thats the toilet Blowing that drys the hand so Ala Walla said.

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