Friday, June 21, 2013

My Creative Reflection

Interesting thing that I enjoy about this literacy task.
My interesting thing that I enjoy about this week was that I can work with my friend and learn new stuffs with the teacher. My another thing that I enjoy was that I was teaching other children in my movie to dance.

Interesting things I noticed about this week

The interesting thing that I noticed about this week was that I can work hard with my friend and getting things finish. My other thing that I noticed was that I had a fabulous time and learning how to make my own movie.

Stuff I didn't about enjoy

The stuff that I didn’t enjoy was not getting stuff organised properly. The thing that I most didn’t enjoy was that the children that I got for our movie they keep going around.

Stuff I did enjoy learning The stuff that I enjoy learning was doing a storyboard with my friend. My other thing was making movie about Michael Jackson.

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