Wednesday, August 21, 2013

William Tell

William Tell and his son walked down to a market place and saw that it was crowded with foreign soldiers. Lots of people of Switzerland hated the soldiers but one person they hated the most was the mean foreign there who always bullied them. When they saw the foreign soldiers it was too late to turn back without being noticed. William Tell thought that they will not be noticed.

William pretended that he didn’t know that the soldiers were standing there. So he just walked past and then one foreign soldier said “you there stop” so a group of soldiers captured William Tell and his son. The foreign soldier said they have to bow to their leader before they could let him go but William Tell replied “I don't see your leader is your leader are hat. The foreign soldier said “But everyone who goes through must bow to our leader’s hat to show respect then someone in the crowd laughed loudly and made the foreign soldiers angry.

Lots of the foreign soldiers grabbed William Tell and then one grabbed William Tell’s son to, that little brave William Tell said he will not bow to the leaders hat. So the foreign governor said give me that apple I heard that you can shot a apple from eight paces so let me see you do it. I were only give you one chance to do it.

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  1. I love the way you have included so much of the detail in retelling this story. Well done Moala. Remember to reread and check that it makes good sense before you post.

    Mrs Nua


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