Tuesday, March 29, 2011


When it was Wednesday I was so happy that it was time for camp. We went to Swima rama we sat down and waited till Miss Garden told us to go and change. It was so hot then Miss Garden said we can all go and change when I was still came in and said that we were not allowed singlets and shorts. I was so sad that I could not swim.
After that I looked in my bag again and there were my togs.I was so happy to be able to swim. Everyone had lots of fun in the pool. When we got back to school I was happy that we could sleep in our tents with our friends.I was in a tent with Britney. Miss King told us it was dinner time. Britney and I were the last ones to go.
On Friday we went to do baking with Mrs Jarman.She showed us how to make scones. We baked the scones for morning tea.They had jam and cream on them.They were so yummy.

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